Saturday, September 29, 2007

Microsoft FrontPage 2003 and Expression Web 2007


What are these new tools?

The Microsoft Office and Server & Tools teams are proud to announce the introduction of two great new tools for application building and Web authoring in 2006:

  1. Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007: Automate your business processes and build efficient applications on top of the SharePoint platform, and tailor your SharePoint site to your needs in an IT-managed environment.
  2. Microsoft Expression Web: Take advantage of the best of dynamic Web site design, enabling you to design, develop, and maintain exceptional standards-based Web sites.

When will they be available to the public?

Office SharePoint Designer 2007 and Expression Web are partially based on FrontPage technologies and will be launched in the second half of 2006.

Which tool is for you?

Use Office SharePoint Designer 2007 if you are a solution creator and content author working using SharePoint technologies. Office SharePoint Designer 2007 will enable information workers to develop applications and solutions on top of the SharePoint platform to enable organizational agility, business process automation, and get the full value of Microsoft Office applications on the SharePoint platform.

Use Expression Web if you are a professional Web designer. It is a professional design tool to create sophisticated standards-based Web sites that deliver compelling user experiences. Expression Web is targeted at designers who are building broad reach HTML Web sites.

Find more information on the new Microsoft Web authoring tools

What happened to FrontPage?

After nine years of being an award-winning Web authoring tool, FrontPage will be discontinued in late 2006. We will continue to serve the diverse needs of our existing FrontPage customers with the introduction of two brand-new application building and Web authoring tools using the latest technologies: Office SharePoint Designer 2007 for the enterprise information workers and Expression Web for the professional Web designer.

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New Era, New Tool

Reduce complexity and ease data integration by using powerful design tools and task panes to quickly incorporate XML data. Seamlessly integrate Web design and development teams with Expression Web and Visual Studio's superior support for XML, ASP.NET and XHTML.

Beautiful Inside and Out

Unleash your creative ideas and bring your Web sites to life with sophisticated CSS design features. Visual designers, specialized task panes, and tool bars give you precise control of page layout and formatting.

Passionate about Standards

Build dynamic, interactive pages that harness the power of the Web to deliver superior quality. Built-in support for today's modern Web standards makes it easy to optimize your sites for accessibility and cross-browser compatibility.
Download Here
FrontPages Professtional 2003 :
Part1 :
Part 2 :
Expression Web 2007 : (3 Part)

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