Monday, September 24, 2007

Tennis Titans

Tennis Titans

Tennis Titans Logo Tennis Titans Detail


  • Mouse controls for easy hitting and aiming!
  • Pleasant music that blends with each court
  • Two tennis modes: Play against an oppenent or collect rings
  • 7 fun 3D characters with plenty of personality
  • 4 captivating courts to choose from!
  • Unlock Exhibition mode to play anyone, anywhere!


Play like a pro in this easy to learn and fun to play Tennis game. Tennis Titans has the perfect balance of cute characters and intense tennis action. Simple mouse controls are familiar and intuitive. Unlock characters and an Exhibition mode as you defeat worthy opponents.

In the mood for something a little less tennis? Not to worry, Rings Mode is an excellent mix of puzzle and ball bouncing sports action. Master your slams, drop shots and lobs on the Training Level and you'll be well on your way to being a Tennis Titan!


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