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Bandwidth Controller Enterprise v1.19

Bandwidth Controller Enterprise v1.19

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Bandwidth Controller Enterprise is a scalable traffic shaping solution for corporate networks and service providers. It provides Layer 3 transaction processing for high performance, low latency bandwidth management across the entire organization.

The product can be installed on any internet gateway or server computer giving
network administrators access to all internet streams for both upload and
download directions. By using this architecture, bandwidth rules and product
configuration are guarded against modification from end-users, with the additional benefit of transparent operation (i.e. client-side installation is not required).

Kernel level processing provides extra performance for high speed networks, with support for line speeds up to 8,000 Mbps. Real-time traffic such as VoIP and video is handled by the kernel processor using a combination of prioritization (QoS) and guaranteed service levels (SLAs), resulting in high quality network streams.

-Layer 3 bandwidth manager
-TCP/IP stream limiting and prioritization
-Distributed mode for client-only networks
-Traffic monitoring
-Remote management
-Deep Packet Inspection
-Guaranteed rate provision
-Internet speeds from 56 kbps to 2,400 Mbps
-Wireless network support

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