Monday, October 1, 2007

Chilkat Charset ActiveX v10.1.2

Chilkat Charset ActiveX v10.1.2

Fize Size:783KB Language:English OS:Win2000/XP/2003 Date added:October 1,2007
License:Shareware WEB:

Chilkat Charset converts text data from one character encoding to another. It works identically on all computers, regardless of locale or internationalization settings. Supports Unicode, iso-8859-*, windows-*, utf-7, utf-8, utf-16, utf-32, Shift_JIS, gb2312, ks_c_5601-1987, big5, iso-2022-*, euc-jp, euc-kr, x-mac-*, asmo-708, ibm*, dos-*, koi8-*. (Refer to reference documentation for the complete list of supported charsets.)

Convert from any supported charset to any other supported charset.
Option to drop non-convertable characters.
Option to substitute pre-defined bytes for non-convertable characters.
Option to substitute hex-escaped string (&#xXXXX) for non-convertable characters.
Option to convert to an alternative charset for non-convertable characters.
Option to pass through non-convertable characters unchanged.
When converting HTML, can automatically update the META tag that specifies the charset.
File-to-file conversion.
Check for errors in file or in-memory data.
Convert charset names to code page numbers, and back.

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