Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Falling Stars

An ancient spirit has detected a mysterious dark power
awakening in the peaceful world of Dazzleon. The balance
between good and evil is threatened and the fate of Dazzleon
rests in the hands of one young spirit. Entrusted with a
mission of dire importance, you play the role of this spirit
as it takes the form of a young girl named Luna. However,
restoring peace to Dazzleon is not such a simple task as
thwarting evil requires you to complete various quests and
challenges, train your own pet, and command your pet in battle
against rogue monsters unleashed by Luna's wicked uncle, Matt.

- A detailed story that unfolds as you try to discover the
truth behind the mysteries of Dazzleon!

- Your very own pet to train, nurture, and command in battle!

- Customise your character with a large selection of changeable

- Help your neighbours and put your skills to the test with 7
unique mini-games as part of the adventure!


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