Friday, October 5, 2007

The Rebel 2007

The Rebel 2007
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"Vietnam, 1920s. The long standing French colonization over the country has inflamed anti-French sentiments. At the height of the conflict, rebel forces emerge in many forms to discrupt the foreign occupiers. In response, the French employed elite units of Vietnamese agents to track and destroy these rebels" -

I'd heard about The Rebel quite a long time, about a month before it's been out to the box office. But I wasn't very keen on catching the movie. Something about the content and my experience with Vietnamese films had played a part in it. That was until this Tuesday, Tracy had asked me to go and watch it. And I decided to go. Well, I was bored (Internet was down the past 3 days) and the tickets were cheap (buy 1 get 1 free on every Tuesday at Galaxy. I'm a cheapskate, heheh).

My comment? Above average standard for an action movie. Ok plotline. Great cinematography. Very funny dialogues. Sexy hero and villain (yes, I'm talking about Sy - Dustin Tri Nguyen's character). Too weak a chemistry between Cuong (Johny Tri Nguyen) and Thuy (Ngo Thanh Van) for it to blossom into love. But I'm not complaining as the movie is really a jump from other morality-teaching Vietnamese products I'd encountered so far. Also, some of the scenes reminded me of the horror movie "The Ring" - Thuy was tortured and forced to tell Sy where De Canh was hiding. The vivid picture of a water tank blended with blood and Thuy's long black hair. I still remember her eyes wide open in anger and agony. Sometimes, Vietnamese movies are quite gory in a sense.

Of all the characters, I love Sy/Dustin the most. Again, he's my tortured hero and everyone's villain. Dustin's acting was very good and his kung fu skill was superb which always stole the scene whenever he appeared. And one more thing which made him my favourite character... he always wore suit. I love men in suits, y'all know? Yummy...

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