Wednesday, October 3, 2007

VirSyn Tera VSTi RTAS v3.21

VirSyn Tera VSTi RTAS v3.21

Fize Size:40210KB Language:English OS:Win2000/XP/2003 Date added:October 3,2007
License:Shareware WEB:

Multi sampling

Each of the three main oscillators can use now samples instead of the built-in waveforms. The
samples are organized in up to 16 key zones and 2 morph zones, making for a total of up to 32 sample
files for each oscillator. Due to it high quality re-sampling algorithm, you can use a single sample for the whole tonal range!

Terrain filter

This new module allows for real-time morphing between two 16 pole filters selectable from a set of predefined vocal filters.


In addition to the high-level arpeggio functions of the built in sequencer, TERA 3 now offers a simple standard arpeggiator for each part.

Stereo routing

The amplifier module now has two additional stereo inputs allowing for stereo effects inside the synthesis patch. The spectrum oscillator has a new stereo output for stereophonic wavetable synthesis.


The four multi-segment envelopes in TERA can now be used in a new ree?mode where each envelope can be used independently. These envelopes can be saved and loaded from special envelope presets. The standard envelope generators have also gotten a new Attack/Decay only mode.

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