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Virtual CD FS v9.1

Virtual CD FS v9.1

Fize Size:57756KB Language:English OS:Win2000/XP/2003/Vista Date added:October 5,2007
License:Shareware WEB:

Virtual CD, the worldwide leading CD emulator, is now available in version 9.
Vista compatible: Starting immediately, Virtual CD is compatible with Windows Vista and has a Microsoft-certified driver for 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Furthermore, Virtual CD has been expanded by the addition of many new features
and improvements:

-Innovative Snapshot function
-Smart Virtual CD drives now compatible with USB flash drives
-Unlimited number of virtual burners
-Incremental additions to images
-Improved readout algorithms
-Job execution for automated creation of images
-and much more!

Use CDs and DVDs without a drive Virtual CD "virtualizes" your DVDs and music and data CDs, and saves them with efficient data compression on the hard disk of your PC or server. On the Windows workstation, Virtual CD sets up virtual CD drives that behave exactly like physical drives.

Virtual CD FS: Virtual CD FS expands a file server with the classic CD ROM server functions. Using this server you can provide up to 5865 CDs/DVDs in the network; Virtual CD FS needs no installation on the connected clients. The CDs/DVDs are then available directly in the network. You need only one license for each appropriated file server.

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